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Rory our rescue ‘Wine Shop Dog’

Rory was adopted in 2014 from one of our local Lancaster Animal rescue Charities – Animal Care – as a misunderstood, very energetic, 8 month old pup.  Rory intrigued our customers, with his antics, gathering quite a following on Facebook, posting his own news. He was finally allowed on his first visit to the Shop, to meet the customers for our 2nd Birthday celebration week-end 2015 – when he made lots of friends.

Seven years on, Rory, has settled down as one of the team (just as well with all those bottles!) -he loves his visits and various events in the shop & outside events (pre Pandemic).  He was promoted to  ‘Operations Manager’ during lockdown, even receiving his own orders via emails!  He is still a fun loving character, living up to his nickname of ‘His Roryness’   And we wouldn’t have him other way.

Rory first visit to the shop June 2015

Customers invited Rory to be part of one of our Champagne & Sparkling wine tastings

Rory with visiting friends

‘Operations Manager’ during Lockdown

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